Banken & Financial Services

Customer Onboarding

All-in-one app to manage an end-to-end onboarding case management for any legal entities across multiple products, with configurable onboarding workflow and rich risk score evaluation capabilities.

  • Intelligent Automation with onboarding cases
  • An interactive view of the onboarding case
  • Create/Manage Onboarding Questionnaires
  • Customer Journey Configuration
  • Smart Customer Enrichment
  • Dynamic risk score calculation

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Due Dilligence & KYC

Enhanced Due Diligence & Smart KYC application uses a unique real-time & risk-driven approach to enable an organization to stay on the top of the compliances & customer required checks, through key customer information captured.

  • Automatic Periodic KYC
  • Self-Service KYC Questionnaires
  • Define Alerts & Workflow Automation
  • Real-Time Risk Score Calculation
  • Automated & Focussed Alerts Generation

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Fraud Alert & Case Mangement

Have a unified view & full control of all potential fraud alerts

  • Fraud Alerts
    • Dynamic fraud alerts based on the threshold score
    • Configure fraud alerts checklists
    • Claims review and SIU case initiation
    • Custom fraud detection rules with the capability to extend and connect with the AI/ML system
  • Integration with Existing Fraud Systems
    • Get the alerts and notification from your existing fraud systems
    • Automated a custom checklist to look for potential frauds
    • Configure a rule to execute in the fraud systems through Appian
  • Enhanced UI/UX
    • Visualisation on Appian
    • Real-time collaboration and any connected object or event
    • Dynamic SIU Fraud Case Management
    • A complete audit of all changes manually or through the automated rule
    • Notes dashboard with all the notes/ comments added by multiple stakeholders

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Intelligent Document Capturing

Award winning:  Workflow/BPM Product of the year at the Document Manager Awards 2019.

The  Intelligent Capture Cloud is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform which focuses on the document, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies as optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning technologies to identify and classify content and extract data – all while continuously learning. The Intelligent Capture Cloud data extraction process includes support for recognizing machine print, hand print, barcodes, and checkmarks.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Go beyond OCR with AI‑based document processing.


  • Process large volumes of data, fast.
  • Rapid Setup.
  • Leverage pre-trained AI models for rapid deployment.
  • Accurate Extraction.
  • Getting Smarter Everyday.
  • Accelerate ROI with AI that continuously learns from human corrections.
  • Powerful Automation.
  • Eliminate manual document processing in any workflow

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